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Step Up Recruiters


Our Recruitment Process

Hiring competent personnel for a company may be a tough job, and thatâs where STEP UP RECRUITERS step in. Managing human resources is critical for any organization. At Step up, we focus on structuring long term relations with our clients.

We work with the client as our partners, to define exactly what their requirement is.

We understand the core job dimensions and responsibility areas, relevant qualifications, skills and proficiency profiles, and most important, we determine whether the candidate fits into the company culture, besides other elements of the jobs description.


To cater to the requirement needs we have:

  1. Qualified professionals to cater the Junior, middle, senior and top level recruitments
  2. Specialized panel to review requirements, Shortlist Candidates, conduct 1st level interview before forwarding to the clients

We review requirements, shortlist candidates, conduct 1st level interview before forwarding the shortlisted resumes to the clients. We also do reference check post final shortlisting, if specified by the client.

We deliver the following services, within the budget and time of our clients:

  • Permanent Staffing
  • Reference Checks (if specified)
  • HR Consultancy
  • Payroll

Our team is headed by Ms. Namrata Bisaria with an experience of:
  1. 10 yrs. experience in I.T, 2 yrs in research
  2. 9 yrs of rich & varied experience in recruitment & hr, across various sectors especially Hospitality IT, Retail, Banking, Real Estate etc.(Earlier Director of Aryan Consultants and Radiant HR Solutions Pvt Ltd)